XML sitemap generator?

Hi Friends,

Does anybody here know about the free tool to generate xml sitemap with no page limitation. As I have been using the sitemap builder’s free tool to generate xml sitemap but this time the website is too big. Looking for help.

Thanks in advance

Here is the list of Sitemap Tools that Google recommends.

Hope this is helpful.

I don’t know of a free generator that is unlimited, but freesitemapgenerator.com is ok for up to 5000 pages.

But it is only free for a maximum of 500 pages.

The xml-sitemaps.com can be set up to only index folders that you tell it,
so if the site is well organised the task can be broken into smaller pieces. Then you can
either combine all the site map files into one or submit them seperately.

Plus if the pages are all linked together then Google will find them during its crawling without needing a complete sitemap.

Do you get those options on the free version?

I agree, and submitting a sitemap doesn’t mean that Google will necessarily index all the urls in it anyway.

Any free tool like xml-sitemap.com, will include maximum of 500 pages in XML sitemap. For more than 500 pages you need to make different files like sitemap1.xml, sitemap2.xml, sitemap3.xml and so on. NOw make a sitemap.xml file which include all urls of other sitemap files in same syntax. Then upload all in root directory. There are a lot of websites which offers sitemap generation of more than 500 pages but they are not free, you have to pay for using their services.

I updated the content of most of my websites recently and I made some modifications. Of course I had to update my sitemap. I used the Sitemap Creator of Rankvision.com. It creates a .xml file , no matter how many pages your site has.

Here is the list of Sitemap Tools that Google recommends.


try these sites…

u can generate your sitemap from above link n it’s free…:slight_smile:

It is free sitemap genetrate xml-sitemaps.com , am using this only.