XML sitemap geneatation for Dynamic Big website!


My site have page over 100,000 & increasing day by day. I am using htaccess so there is no directory. also the Xml-sitemap generators scripts is not working showing the memory errors because the data is too much.

Do you know any Idea how to make the xml sitemaps. also is there any technique so that i dont hav to make sitemap again & again rather I can append the new links to existing sitemap.

Any help is really appreciated.


How do you have 100k pages and not know how to manage them?

Hi Hash

Twitter has 179,000,000 registered pages. Should I dont have 100k pages.

I am managing the portal properly but dont know how to prepare the xml-sitemap for it.

also there is lots of page added daily so I want to add the new pages to existing sitemap, not to regenerate the sitemap again.