XML SiteMap creation

Can any one make some suggestions preferably Local ways i can generate Acurate XML sitemaps and look for broken links?

Have been using http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/ and considered there profesional script but can’t use on sites i don’t own so future ability not good.

Suggestions more than welcome Open Source and Paid


As Seriocomic said earlier, this has been asked and answered repeatedly. Thread closed.

An XML sitemap is a fairly simple XML file that contains information about one or more URLs on your Web site. The information that is stored there helps search engines better spider your site. All it needs to be is a list of URLs for your Web site, but to get more out of it, you want to include other information as well
are you feel problem to create site map through the site map generator then you can create it manual sitemap .

here are some sitemap tools that google suggest: http://code.google.com/p/sitemap-generators/wiki/SitemapGenerators

This has been asked and answered many times before - please make use of the search function.