Xml sitemap and htaccess file

I have just recently redone a website with a large number of redirects. Beside this, many pages were discontinued (noindex)

Doing an xml sitemap, should all the pages that are being redirected and noindexed be included in the sitemap?

I understand the htaccess file should be excluded from the sitemap, BUT, should the htaccess be excluded when the sitemap is being generated? (so pages like noindex pages and 301 origins are included in the sitemap itself) Or - will Google and the others find these anyway if these are excluded?

The sitemap should only include pages that you want the search engine to visit – ie, URLs that actually have a page living there.

If the sitemap does not include the pages having 301’s (prior pages) or the pages with noindex, even though they are on the server – yet no longer linked within the site structure – will google still be able to detect these and treat them accordingly?

Sorry, but I’m not really sure where you’re going with this.

I’m starting from the premise that you have had a reorg on your site, and now let’s say “oldpage1.htm” has been removed, and been 301’d to “newpage1.htm”. I’m assuming that “newpage1.htm” is going to appear in your site navigation and your sitemap, and that “oldpage1.htm” is going to be removed from the site navigation at least.

Are you saying that “newpage1.htm” is not going to feature in your navigation or sitemap? If so, (a) I’m not sure why you would want a hidden page that could only be found by following an out of date link, and (b) Google will still get to the page, because it will crawl “oldpage1.htm”, see the redirect, and replace “oldpage1.htm” with “newpage1.htm” in its index. But if you don’t have any internal links to that page at all, there is a danger that the page will drop in the rankings because there are fewer links pointing to it.

Yes, thats it.

You then answered my question by saying that G follows through the old pages.
And all internal links were upddated to the ‘newpage1.htm’ type pages.

Thank you Stevie D. Wasn’t trying to complicate this - it’s just an important point after 4-5+ months of work.