Xml-Rpc for wordpress developers

Hi, please look at this article

because the comment section of this article was closed I am asking my question here and sorry for this.
first please look at the last of the article where there is a sample creating new post example (the heading in article:Creating a Post)

I want to add tags and categories to this $message of example code and send it using xml-rpc, but I don’t know how to do it exactly.
I tired these below codes for adding tags, but they didn’t work!

“mt_tags” => new xmlrpcval(“tag1, tag2, tag3”, “string”)
“terms” => new xmlrpcval( array(‘tags’=> “tag1, tag2, tag3”), “string”)
“terms” => new xmlrpcval( array(‘tags’=> “tag1, tag2, tag3”), “array”)
“tags_input” => new xmlrpcval( “alaki_tag1, tag2, tag3”, “string”)

How can I add tags and categories for a new post?

@narayanprusty wrote the article. Hopefully he’s around and can help.

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