XML error - hiding very well

I am trying to find an error in a very long and old XML file.
the error message is:

XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
Location: /file.xml
Line Number 181, Column 281:

Is it a “guess” will the error start in that area? Any advice on narrowing it down?
Also, i get line 181 but where is the column?
I have found no formatting errors so far.

It’s probably a line that is long and has wrapped, so I’d start at that point and work along it.
Or you could post a link so we can all have a quick look for you.

sadly, they are all long and wrapped. & can’t upload it. But thx for the offer.

Column 281 is character number 281 in that particular line.

ok thx!

Yes, think “table” eg.


c is row 2 column 3
o is row 4 column 5

If it is like other error reports, it indicates where the existence of a problem first became known.

In other words, that might not be the problem (though often it is), but the problem will either be there or before that.

For example, if I have an extra closing tag. it could be that the extra tag should not be there, or it could be I need to add a corresponding opening tag further up somewhere.

Thank you all. So far can’t a missing or extra tag for love or money.
I had w/in some of the tags broken elements like

< tag description=“Solution brief:text text text text & lt;/b> &lt ; br/ & gt;” / >

where the

“& lt;b& gt;”

was missing (spacing them out as other wise they become <>) but i added it in. also as it was in quotes I doubted that was the issue.


error on line 181 at column 281: Unescaped ‘<’ not allowed in attributes values

Can I actually look for a “<” that doesn’t have a matching partner? or could it be another char?

It looks like you don’t have another ‘>’ to macht that one. Probably your tag was not properly written


I wouldn’t call &lt; and &rt; “escaped” but “entities”

Anyway, you do not want to change them to < and >

IMHO it’s probably not a good idea to have mark-up as an attribute value in the first place. But if it’s outside of your control try escaping them with a baclslash eg.

<tag description="some \<b\>funky\</b\> att val" >

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