Xenu+the wayback machine question ¿how to get new and original content?

[B]hello guys. here’s the all story, i was loking for a method to get new and original content for my blog and i found a post that said.

“how to use xenu and the wayback machine to get new/old content from dead blogs”.

So, my question is, ¿anyone knows how it’s works that method?

Can you please give a link to a tutorial?

PD: excuse my English, im still learning.[/B]

You can’t get “new and original” content by copying it from old blogs. All you will get is old and plagiarised content.

Surely the article you were reading explains the method they’re suggesting you use?

Your English is fine - don’t worry. :slight_smile: (But that should be PS, not PD. :wink: I think maybe that was just a typo.)

The method is about use xenu to get into the directories to find out dead blogs. after that, use the wayback machine to get all the content of the dead blogs.

and next time i’ll use PS… :wink:

Definitely “old and stale - possibly obsolete” content.

For content to be “new and original” it must never have been on the web before.

Off Topic:

that’s for you, native English speakers… for those languages based in Latin, it is PD :slight_smile:


Er … what do you think it stands for in English? Because P(ost) S(criptum) is Latin. :lol:[/ot]

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but we say Postdata (Post Data in Latin, after the date) and not Post Scriptum (after what’s been written).

Just because the blog is “dead” (whatever that means), it doesn’t mean the content is available for you to copy into your own blog. It will still be someone’s copyright, and you will be infringing that copyright if you use it without permission.

We see a lot of questions here in the forum about how to acquire content for a blog or website. Ultimately, if you can’t create content yourself through you own skill and industry, and you don’t want to pay other people to create it for you, I have to wonder why you would want to run a blog in the first place.


Generally the blog content will still be covered by copyright unless the author died at least 50 years ago (in many countries 70 years).

So you would need to be looking for blogs abandoned before 1944 and then check that the author actually died by 1944 to be certain that the content of that blog is allowed to be used.