Xenu – Great SEO Tool

There are literally a bazillion SEO tools on the internet (literally!); Xenu’s Link Sleuth. Many people in the SEO industry are already aware of this tool but many people I’ve spoken to only treat the tool as a broken link finder. It’s so much more than that. There are lots of nifty features that solve all kinds of SEO-problems and hopefully beginners and advanced alike will learn something from this post.

Xenu I found to be far more thorough and Google Webmaster Tools. Xenu found many broken links that GWT did not. In addition if you have areas of your site where pages are not indexed, then GWT will not help.

I don’t understand why not use Google Webmaster Tools for broken links?

Because you can only use GWT on sites you manage. You can use Link Sleuth on any site.

Bazillion is a HR word isn’t it?

There are certainly a few things listed there I didn’t know Link Sleuth could do.

I think this is more down to the ability of Excel to filter information and do something with the data than Xenu performing the function itself.

Don’t get me wrong it’s useful but arguably you could use any of the data to form some kind of statistics. :slight_smile:

The main thing I hadn’t known before about it was the ability to export the data to use in other programs. Presumably it would work just as well in a lot of other programs and not just in excel.

Might even be able to set up an automated fixer script fed by multiple copies of the results from a week or so apart (in order to allow for temporary glitches).

Thanks for sharing the tool.I will check it out.

Xenu is really one of the good tools to check broken links for your website. It explains errors very well about internal links.

i’ve never heard of this tool but i coul do with a broken link checker

XENU is absolutely fabolous… I know it since years and always used…

the last release allow you to do so many things:

  1. orphan files
  2. broken links
  3. and now… also create xml file :slight_smile:

give it a chance you will not regret… and is FREE

I guess old fashioned guy like me will give it a try.

Is that an old fashioned tools? :rolleyes:

I rarely or never use windows based SEO tools. Most of my SEO tools are custom server/php based or GWT etc. What is really old fashioned I have no clue it just sounded cool to say :slight_smile: old fashioned SEO practitioner.