XAMPP shows too many icons



What is the reason for it showing that many icons?

Looks like you’ve got 5 copies of XAMPP running.

I only have one XAMPP program installed and only Apache and MYSQL are running

It’s like Chrome, you can see a lot of instances of the program running, but it’s just 1 program you’re running. You shouldn’t need to worry about it unless it starts chewing up your RAM. Then, I would suggest investing some time to learn to install your environment in a more efficient way.

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Every time you click on the task bar icon, it starts a new instance of the control panel. The control panel dialog X doesn’t actually stop the control panel from running. Use the ‘quit’ button (bottom-right side) to actually close that instance of the control panel. You can right-click on each icon in the notification area and click on the ‘Quit’ choice to close each instance.

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it said image then the came thing but XAMPP.exe has stopped runniing.

You probably need to “Run as Administrator.”