X.com/smth/?foo=bar To x.com/smth/bar


I have this site, Basilica, which is based on a WP template. [ http://www.bazylikaswidnicka.com/wirtualnie/?pan=pan_szopka ]
I added a little of PHP stuff to it and the site apparently gets hurt by that ( seo wise ), especially by the section of virtual tours.
There I used the ol’ good fashioned PHP, structural in form, to catch what a viewer wants to see.

I would like to be able to change the following address:

and still be able to catch the value of $pan.
How do I do that?

The .htaccess is already in place by default, it changes all the other links, how do I add this trickery to an extra value in the url to make wonders for this small portion of the website, too?

I don’t expect you to write a script for me, but if you can give me a little nudge to where I should turn to that would be enough.

Every advice is most welcomed.
Thank you :smile:

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