X-Cart Pro or CS-Cart Multi-Vendor


I’m looking to set up a multi-vendor ecommerce site and have been exploring the various software options. So far, I have identified two that seem to tick all the boxes - X-Cart Pro and CS-Cart Multi-Vendor. Can anyone please help me choose between the two?

From looking at the demo versions, I am leaning towards CS-Cart MV but am finding it hard to justify the price difference with X-Cart Pro.

One of the key features I need is the ability to customise the look of the site and as I have limited experience in web design, this needs to be relatively simple.

Any thoughts would be gratefully received!

I think is worth having a look at ixxo Multi-Vendor that integrates with Joomla CMS.
Its fully featured and my opinion is that is the best Multi-Vendor application available.

ejfear, I would comment on our X-Cart PRO here, but I fear my posts will be moderated. So I advise you to contact us directly with any questions.