WysiwygPro editor not working in google chrome

I am using WysiwygPro editor to edit html code in a webpage. I can edit content using this editor in firefox browser but failed to edit using this editor in google chrome browser.What is the problem of WysiwygPro editor with google chrome browser? How can i solve this problem? I need to work this editor in google chrome. Please help me to solve this problem.

Looks like this is a dead product, as their website is gone. To be honest, I’d suggest switching to something more reliable like CK Editor. Are you using this with a CMS?

Thanks ralph.m for your suggestion.

But why WysiwygPro editor is a dead product? I also can’t access their website. I am not using this editor with CMS. Please tell me about CK editor. where i can find this? is it compatible of all browser? also tell me price of ck editor. I need such an editor which is compatible with all browser and which i can use without CMS. Look forward for suggestion.

Could you explain a bit about how you are working? Did you build the site? How does the site work?

Yes i have built some site and all are doing by raw php coding not use any framework or CMS. Editor is used in backend for inserting content that shows in front end.

So is this like an online code editor—an online version of Dreamweaver, for example? Why not just work on your desktop and upload? Then you can use any code editor you like. There are lots of good free ones.