For the last few years I’ve been using the FCKeditor with the CKFinder. It works pretty well, is highly configurable, and has a lot of plugins available.

Recently, I’ve been getting a number of performance complaints. Things like, a very long load time, or buggy issues like the upload button isn’t working. Issues are typically resolved with a refresh. I’m assuming it has something to do with the weight of the application.

Has anyone found something that is better in these regards?


Check out http://geniisoft.com/showcase.nsf/WebEditors

According to this the FCKeditor looks like one of the best.

It is (unfortunately for you). There aren’t many (free) feature-complete web-based WYSIWYG editors out there. FCKeditor’s main competitor is TinyMCE. Xinha looks promising though.

I’ve used FCKeditor in the past, put slowly migrated over to TinyMCE.

Note that wordpress uses TinyMCE as it’s default WYSIWYG editor.

Do you find tiny MCE has better performance?

I like YUI editor, it is very fast to load and very easy to add to any existing form’s textarea

Unless you load it up with several plugins, it loads and functions pretty quickly.

Granted, what I’m saying applies to modern browsers only. I can’t really accurately comment on performance with older browsers.

i use this

small and has required features that works in most situation
250kb only and has image uploader as well
tinymce is around 2mb
only problem with it was while using it jquery it was showing some problem,i solved it using noconflict of jquery…

If you strip out or don’t use the non-activated plugins & themes, and use the minified code, users don’t actually download 2MB worth of stuff for tinyMCE. It’s actually around 250-300k.

ok i tried as well,but i am not 100% sure that it can come down to 250kb looking at their resources(images,files etc)…for that may be programmer will need to make a deep research …

by the way is there any 250kb tinymce for download somewhere?

I just checked a webapp where I’m using TinyMCE. Using the Firefox FireBug plugin’s Net tab, the total filesize transfered for all the TinyMCE files (including JS files, CSS files, and image files) was 256.9KB. That’s including the “inline popups” and “paste text/word” plugins, which are active.

The biggest problem I have is actually with the ckfinder. That’s the one that gets the most complaints. How is tinyMCE with image uploading/management? Do you use the $20 add-on plug-in.

I’m checking the size of the fckeditor. It looks to be around 355k for the whole package, but the weird thing is that it never stops loading.