WYSIWYG Editor Compatible With A Good CMS?


Is there a standalone WYSIWYG editor application that is compatible with a GOOD CMS?

I’m tired of coding by hand and it really makes no difference anymore to use a WYSIWYG editor if you have a good custom template, so I’m looking to see if there’s any content management systems compatible with a standalone WYSIWYG editor application such as NetObjects Fusion 11? It’d really make my life easier. >.<

Online WYSIWYG editors, such as TinyMCE, just isn’t the same at all because you can’t see the actual design.

So…? It’d be cool if it can support PHP includes as well. I think I am going to aim for the new Microsoft one, Microsoft Expression Web.

Most CMSs are so densely coded that you don’t get to work directly on a simple HTML template. Even if you do have good access to the templates, there is usually proprietary code mixed in to the template that the CMS uses to insert content, and you need to play with the code to get that right.

You could check out a CMS like ExpressionEngine or MODx, as their templates are very much like designing a static template: you have full control over the code. Or you could try a mini CMS like Perch, which just plugs editable areas into static templates. Of course, the value of WYSIWYG view is largely lost, as while you are working on the template, most of the content is not there, but stored in the database—including repeated content like headers, footers, menus etc—so how useful this would be is debatable.

Really, though, WYSIWYG web design will always be ‘poor man’s’ design. These editors always insert rubbish code to achieve their ends, and tend to be unreliable. If you can code, my advice it to steer well clear of WYSIWYG. It is not easier than working with code. I work with a person who uses a WYSIWYG editor, and he struggles for hours over simple formatting that I can fix in a few seconds by working on the code.

agree 100% :agree:

if someone approaches me to help them fix a problem with wysiwyg generated code I ask them to palm it off onto someone else because I’m not interested (but in a more polite way ;)).

I have to agree with the above… All the of the WYSIWYG solutions I’ve seen are too limiting.

Use a rich text editor like TinyMCE and code your CSS so that it (TinyMCE) uses the correct styles. It shouldn’t matter whether you can see the text inside the page design or not while you’re editing text or placing images and any decent CMS will provide a preview.

You guys are all rude idiots. I said I know how to code and I don’t want to. You don’t need to code if you already have a good template. I don’t need the WYSIWYG editor for the template, but for the content.

Pot / kettle… Look who’s talking :rolleyes:

Look, the three people who have answered your plea for help are just trying to help out. We’ve been doing this for a while so we’ve probably got some experience to draw upon. If you don’t like the advice, you have a number of options but as soon as you start name calling you’re done and nobody will come to your aid in the future.

That’s ok, you’re entitled to an opnion just like I and everyone else.

I just always call things as I see them :slight_smile: