WYSIWYG div layout

Can anyone tell me if there is a WYSIWYG editor out there that uses Div instead of table for layout? I wouldn’t mind using a WYSIWYG editor if it wasn’t for having to clean up the code so stinking much. Might as well just code it by hand as I do now. I would think that one would exist by now but I sure can’t find one. Of course I haven’t been able to play with the commercial bad boys.

Dreamweaver is capable of doing that.

Yes, Dreamweaver uses divs, but they will tend to be absolutely positioned and all that jazz. WYSIWYG is for those who don’t know how to hand code. Why go backwards?

In that case, places like SquareSpace allow you to create pages with good code, while allowing you the freedom of WYSIWYG

I thought their code looked horrid, but perhaps that’s just me. I guess they have to add a lot of redundant code in to account for all the things a user might need.

When it comes to crafting together the code that does precisely what you want to achieve and nothing more, nothing beats doing it yourself.

As soon as you get in to the realm of automation, it will either not allow you to do things that you want, or will have more scaffolding than you deem necessary. That’s par the the course.