Www vs non-www and DNS propagation?

I changed the nameservers to point to my client’s new site at her new host. After I saw the new site in my browser, I started testing and discovered that http://domain.com showed the new site but http://www.domain.com showed the old site. I spent hours whacking my head on the htaccess file trying to solve this. Eventually, it just started working. I could have finally hit on the right htaccess configuration, but don’t think I tried anything new.

Which leads me to think that that perhaps the www version of the site didn’t propagate at the same time that the non-www version did. Is that even possible???

If it is I’m going to eat my head. All those hours for nothing.

Does anyone know about this?


Good night,

The DNS theory is possible. Also, it could be your ISP cached the DNS, or something else got cached along the way causing the old site at the old IP address to be viewed. Whenever I have to tinker with DNS, I always use a proxy server after making the changes to see if they have been reflected due to caching. Whereas my ISP may cache the IP address for up to an hour or more after changes, the proxy sites don’t have it cached and can enable you to view the new site at the new IP address much sooner. There are a bunch of proxy sites, one I tend to use is hidemyass.com. Also, flushing your computer’s DNS cache can be helpful.