wTooltip showing briefly after some few uses


I have some wTooltip at the page:

and after showing some of them, they stopped functioning properly and appear only very briefly.

I wonder what could be the cause for it, Firebug didn’t show me any thing wrong.

If you have any idea…

Thanks !


I added a delay of 200 as in:

    follow: false,
    fadeIn: 300,
    fadeOut: 500,
    delay: 200,
    content: true,
    callBefore: function(tooltip, node, settings) {
        url: "$gLexiconUrl/get_lexicon_entry.php?lexiconEntryId="+$(node).attr("lexicon_entry_id"),
        async: false,
        context: document.body,
        success: function(data){

      // Warn about any missing entry from the lexicon
      var retrievedContent = $(tooltip).html();
      if (retrievedContent.length == 0) {
        var pageUrl = encodeURIComponent("$gHomeUrl$REQUEST_URI");
        var url = '$gLexiconUrl/missing_lexicon_entry.php?lexiconEntryId="+$(node).attr("lexicon_entry_id")+"&pageUrl='+pageUrl;
        ajaxAsynchronousRequest(url, doNothing);
    style: {
      width: "500px", // Required to avoid the tooltip being displayed off the right
      background: "#ffffff",
      color: "#000"

  function doNothing() {

And this solved the issue, there is no more of this unstable display.