WSDL Endpoint

Hi guys,

I’m in the middle of implementing a webservice and have been provided a series of WSDLs in order to facilitate this. I’ve never used webservices before so this is a bit new to me (I’m using PHP’s SOAPClient by the way) and I’m wondering if I’ve made a proper beginners mistake or if I’ve just been given incorrect info.

Basically, the organisation I’m trying to connect with give their partners copies of the WSDLs and we use these. I know that SOAPClient is processing the WSDL because if I omit a parameter that is required I get an error to tell me this.

Am I right in assuming that the WSDL specifies the connection endpoint? As in, there should be a URL in the definitions that points SOAPClient to the webservice that will handle the request? Since I’m using SOAPClient in WSDL mode I shouldn’t be specifying a target in my own code, right?

Thanks for any and all help in advance