.WS domain extensions

are .ws domain extensions okay.

e.g [noparse]www.mysite.ws[/noparse]

Does google favour other type such as .net .com .co.uk over others?

I think they are Samoan.

What about .es Europe side of things, living in Europe would this be better??


Google does not distinguish between TLDs. (eg, It is a common myth that sites on .edu domains automatically get treated better than those on other domains. They don’t. They’re just usually better)

.ws is commonly used as a “vanity domain” to denote ‘website’, so as long as your content makes it clear where you are actually aiming your site, Google is unlikely to mistakenly think it’s based in Samoa.

.eu is the official TLD for the European Union, .es is specifically for España.

In general, I would recommend using the most appropriate a/o memorable TLD you can get your hands on. If you are based in the UK, try a .co.uk (or maybe even some other .uk), because that makes it easier for people to remember.


Been doing some research and going with the ws . It’s the only one available so will have to do as it’s a strong domain contender…

Thanks again