Wrong page for specific keyword in SERP

First of all, sorry for my bad English.

I have an eCommerce site. The problem is when I search for generic keyword like “Buy Wrist Watches”, the page that appears from my site on SERP is “Men Wrist Watches” category, but I want the Index of my site to appear in SERP for this keyword, because the site activity is Only on wrist watches.

Could you please help me to correct this ?

Can you describe the your exact question and url?

The question seems quite clear to me, and if it’s the site I think it is, it’s in Persian, which will not help at all. Most member will be unable to offer any useful comments on the actual content.

@okey - Does your home page include your targeted keywords in both the text and the meta description? Don’t overdo things, or try keyword stuffing, but just ensure that the phrase is there, and that the general text makes clear this is a site which specialises in selling watches. (I know that sounds silly, but don’t fill the page with references to “gifts for him”, “gifts for her”, “birthday gifts”, or something like that.)

It can be hard to get a home page to rank, simply because it tends to be a more general introduction to the whole site. Other pages have more specific topics and are easier to rank.

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Thanks for reply.
As dear TechnoBear mentioned, the site in non-English so I think site address will not help.

@TechnoBear - Desired keyword, “buy wrist watches” is on meta title and description of my site’s Index. Also I use that keyword in an H1 tag on index and that’s all.
also Index page is full of “watches” and “wrist watches” phrase, along with watches brand names, and I think it’s clear to everyone, including Google Bots that the site is selling just watches.

Any Idea guys ?

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What happens when you search for
خرید ساعت مچی

Seems if you want the site to come up in English search results the site should be in English or at least have a “select language” option

I don’t know about anyone else, but if I was looking to buy a watch and landed on the site
I would not try to guess what the text was and I would not make a purchase not knowing what it was
I would not take the time to try and get a translated version
I would leave immediately

In other words, if you want to expand your target audience, you should consider their needs

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Thanks for your reply Mittineague, but NO, I don’t want my site to come up in English search at all. I don’t have such goal and so I don’t have any plan.
My point is Persian search results, which is my sites language, and when I say search for “buy wrist watch”, I mean Persian equivalent phrase. That’s why I don’t mention my site address anywhere.

So consider the general subject of the topic. I want the Index of my site to be up in SERP for specific search term, but one of my category pages in up there. What can I do now ?

I appreciate your helps.

Google SERP result works on various factors, it will show query related page according to user search query & behaviour.

For Example: In your location most of the user search for “Buy Wrist Watches” & they click most of the time to Man`s related watch pages or they spend most of the time in Mans Watch Webpages. Then Google will index the pages according to user preferences & behaviour.

But still if you want to index your home page in the search query then I suggest you to use your home page for “Buy Wrist Watches” keywords in link building.

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