Wrong ns in WHM : ns3.domain.com and ns4.domain.com, its should be ns1 and ns2

When i try add new account in WHM, here is the result

| New Account Info |
| Domain: example.com
| Ip: (n)
| HasCgi: y
| UserName: johns3
| PassWord: HIDDEN
| CpanelMod: x3
| HomeRoot: /home
| Quota: 0 Meg
| NameServer1: ns3.primarydomain.com
| NameServer2: ns4.primarydomain.com

| NameServer3:
| NameServer4:
| Contact Email:
| Package: moved
| Feature List: default
| Language: en

the name server in bold above is wrong, its should be ns1.primarydomain.com and ns2.primarydomain.com, not ns3.primarydomain.com and ns4.primarydomain.com

the domain is already working in this new server, but maybe need to fix this little problem too, i check in whm –> ConfigServer –> its says in Check nameservers :

WARNING Unable to resolve nameserver [ns3.primarydomain.com] within 5 seconds
WARNING Unable to resolve nameserver [ns4.primarydomain.com] within 5 seconds

where do i need to change and fix those two name server guys?

Nb 1. I check in whm –> Networking Setup –> Nameserver IPs, Its already set to ns1.primarydomain.com and ns2.primarydomain.com, there is no ns3.primarydomain.com and ns4.primarydomain.com

Nb 2. I check in whm –> Networking Setup –> Resolver Configuration, There is two ip that i dont know what ip, its not this server ip ( and

this server had been used for multi server before, but its already not used again few weeks a go because the multi server is fail, only alone single server now, the previous hosting company says they already clean all the residual from multi server, but they maybe miss something

As above to solve it, but you also need to go through and any domains created with the wrong name servers you will need to edit the DNS Zone for them and replace the wrong ones with the right ones - else you may experience problems with DNS lookups.

You need to setup Nameservers in WHM >> Server Configuration >> Basic cPanel/WHM Setup. At the end of page, there is a Nameservers section.