Writing the opening post

As I’m launching my site next week, I figured I would need a nice opening post to introduce visitors to the site, but the truth is: the only thing I can think of is ‘Welcome to MySiteName.com!’, what can I put in my opening post? (it is not the only thing I will have available when launching)

Write like the Preface of the Book. Short but concise. You can look some ideas at every book’s preface.

Keep the “about me” verbiage in the “About Me” section and just write your first “real” post. An introductory post is not required. If people like your content, they will click on the “About Me” section for more details.

There is so much to read and view that it becomes very difficult to attain the interest of the readers and viewers at the first attempt. Newer and newer ideas and topics keep on coming and the reader becomes more and more updated with every single passing day.
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Use anything, any idea which is more attractive for you.

For me as an advise, you can do the following to promote your site

  1. Launch your site.
  2. Use website submission software to submit your website to the search engines
  3. Post forums, blogs, comments etc regarding your website.
  4. Use link exchange website for traffic increment.
  5. Use the best key word to increase the site ranking in search engines.


Sure, go ahead and do a welcome post. However, the key to good writing online is writing in terms of benefits. What can you do for your visitors? What will they get by coming to your site? Welcome them to the site, and tell them how their visit is going to be good for them.

You can start off loke “Welcome to the World of X”: Here I present to you www.____.com which is a site solely dedicated to (sompe purpose you want them to know).

Personally I don’t have a problem with the opening post being a Welcome to post for the simple reason that, unless you have a built-in traffic source (e.g. large Twitter, facebook, forum following), no one will ever see the first post.

Introduce your blog and what posts you will be writing about int he future.

I could not agree more. :smiley:

WOW… Exactly what I was thinking. I really dislike visiting a site and running into a bunch fluff. It totally turns me off from wanting to continue to read further or even do any business with them.

When people come to your site they want to know what it’s about and who you are. I think you should start with that. Why should they trust your site, what do you have to offer that stands out from everyone else? Think of things like that, and I am sure you’ll be on your way to writing content that keeps the visitor happy and coming back.

What you shouldn’t put in your post is “Welcome to my site”. That’s the lamest sentence on the Internet today. Of course your visitors are welcome or you wouldn’t have a site that was open to visitors.

Use your opening post to introduce yourself, your topic, and your blog. Let people know what they can expect to see in the future. Give them a reason to come back again.

And whatever you do, don’t bother filling it with buzzwords and situations which act as filler for the content. You want to ensure your first post is impactful and put’s across the reason why the site exists and why they should continue to visit, there’s no reason why someone will return to a website if all you add is a bunch of generic nonsense or technical language. Keep it fun, simple and interesting. Actually I would recommend having a few things to read rather than one welcome message, give them something to explore rather than just one “coming soon” style introductory post (that gives them the chance to get involved immediately). :slight_smile:

And if you don’t know how to start your opening post, just write ‘welcome to…’ and then write the rest of it. When you’re finished, cancel the ‘welcome to…’ line, and you’re done :slight_smile: