Writing a program

I want to write a program to automate some of the daily functions.
I have a got a Entity/SIte. I also have different internal sites, where various excel files are uploaded and updated regularly.
We have to download these excel files and then look up the various details about the Entity/Site in all those excel files.
WHAT I WANT : I want to create a site , where i will just enter the Entity, and it will give me differnt fields of entries from the excel file, without having to go to all those sites, downloading excel files and apllying vlookup to all those files.

Please provide me with some idea how to go about doing this…

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the Sitepoint forums. This is the place to share ideas and get some guidance on [web] development projects.

What you are describing is a very complex workflow that involves multiple resources (other sites).
If you have no experience in any programming language it it akin to asking help in building a skyscraper without any prior experience.

You can jump over to the “Jobs” here and hire someone to do this work for you.

Thanks for your reply on this, but I would like to know, which programmaing languages should i use, to start with. I know it is tough to build a skyscraper without knowing anything. But it is a dream, and I am willing to try hard to build the skyscraper after learning how to build it .

The obvious starting point would be to use whatever your site has would it not?

I admire your tenacity.
Normally, my response would be “use whatever programming language you are most comfortable”. If you have NO experience it would be best to first gain some experience with a language/system.
Since your goal is to gather data taken from a series of websites, it seems logical you will be constructing a web-based application.
You could learn-and-then-use PHP, Ruby on Rails, or Javascript (with something like Meteor) . The choices are many and opinions about best even more numerous.

For that matter, if you plan to work primarily with Excel files, maybe learning .NET would be a good thing.

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Thanks @Parkin, I am happy to have you here.Well, I have some knowledge of HTML/CSS. I will continue building my knowledge After i have had a grip of HTML/CSS, i will start with JS.
Thank you very Much @ParkinT . Would it be possible for you to share your email ID ?

JS won’t help you much in this project and if this is your goal, you can always pick it up later. You should move on into ASP.Net and understanding C#, because I agree with @Mittineague .NET being better for working with Excel or any MS Office products. C# will give you a better foundation than JS will as well.

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@mawburn thnx a lot, I will start with asp.net then…

Not saying I disagree, but Ruby is able to read and write Spreadsheet Documents (including Excel).

It has a less steep learning curve than .NET and therefore might also be worth looking at.

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