Write 100 Articles in 100 Days!

Write 100 articles in 100 days!

Ezinearticles is offering this challenge to writers between Friday, January 1st, 2010, 12:01AM CST-USA and Saturday, April 10th, 2010, 11:59PM CST-USA. Each article must be at least 400 words in length.

And while I understand EZA’s motivation for offering this challenge, I think it’s a bad idea. In my own opinion, putting this kind of article writing challenge out there just encourages more poorly-written, low-quality articles. And that’s the problem.

EZA is reportedly purging its directory of garbage articles. I don’t see how this article writing challenge helps that cause.

What do you guys think?

David Jackson

Sounds to me like people are just going to be rushing to meet the 100 article quota. Best work is usually written when you can give the subject a lot of thought and attention. Don’t you think?

That’s exactly my point. That contest will just add to the number of garbage articles already on the Internet.

David Jackson

But I heard there are people who are writing 2-4 article daily.so they can complete this task in 25-30 days.

Bluebelt, you’re missing the point. When you write that many articles that quickly, more often than not, the quality of the articles suffer.

David Jackson

Well 1 article a day is not bad… I don’t think it would affect quality that much unless these are some sort of full blown research articles. I think many of the people that blog for themselves understand the importance of quality work, and they may actually see this as quite a “challenge”. Is there some kind of reward or anything to this challenge? Because if so then I could understand people just pumping out cheap articles to win.

You can read all about the challenge at 100 Articles in 100 Days!

David Jackson

rewrite articles…
it is the best way…
you can write these way 1000 articles in 100 Days…

The benefit of this type of approach is momentum. I’d say write 10 good ones in 10 days for yourself just to get going. My suggestion is to have a product/service and write articles that knock down the objections to why someone won’t buy it. GL

I think it’s a bad idea as well. those who are writing quality articles will want to write for their own websites. Who want to write extremely well done articles for Eza? after all, Eza does not allow direct affiliate links.

Contests are one of the verified methods of growing up sales/traffic/content so i don’t see anything bad in it.

If you are well versed on your subject, writing one quality article in a day shouldn’t be much of a challenge. I think the biggest problem is if you try to do it day after day, it becomes tedious and you lose your edge. You may start out with quality but by day 25 your are looking for shortcuts.

Its all ok. Why are they arranging this contest? Is there any issue behind this contest?

Quality over quantity…

I hope quantity doesn’t spoil the quality of the articles on that site. :slight_smile: