Wrapper is undefined

Code I’m working on.

I think I must be forgetting to do something to resolve that issue.

It’s set up relatively the same as this code.

Which was worked on here:

Am I supposed to remove const from here?

  function initButton(selector) {
    const wrapper = document.querySelector(selector);

Then it would be written like this?

  function initButton(selector) {
    wrapper = document.querySelector(selector);
    wrapper.addEventListener("click", playButtonClickHandler);
  return {

Just need to remove the const so you’re setting the wrapper variable declare above.
Otherwise you’re creating a new variable in this function and leaving the previously declared one undefined - which is what the error is saying.

+ wrapper = document.querySelector(selector);
- const wrapper = document.querySelector(selector);
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Actually, there’s no need to declare wrapper outside of the initButton() function in the first place since it is getting assigned a value only once anyway; instead, you might just return the button so you can keep the const declaration:

const player = (function makePlayer () {
  // ...

  function initButton (selector) {
    const wrapper = document.querySelector(selector)
    wrapper.addEventListener('click', playButtonClickHandler)
    return wrapper.querySelector('.playButton')
  return {
    button: initButton('.wrape')
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