WPF or WinForms?

Hey guys,

 Is their a reason to choose WPF over WinForms? I've already done my research, but this is the only .NET Forum I visit, and would like some point of views. I guess I want to know, which one is the future?


I asked this before and was told WPF replaced WinForms. :slight_smile: A side benefit is that while learning WPF you are also learning Silverlight.

Thanks for the response. Yeah, I was basically told the same thing on countless articles I’ve read. Just wanted your guys opinion. One of the things I like about WPF, is the separation of code into tiers, and I hate GUI Interfaces. Drag-and-Drop was crap in my eye. I want full control. I completely forgot about the WPF/Silvelight connection, as you are using XAML for both platforms. Makes learning Silverlight easier, but I will wait till it’s more mature before using, as it took Flash to get to v5 before becoming useful.

Now, to find a good book! :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

I was looking at this one but I’d have to update to VS2010 first. :slight_smile: