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Alright guys, I’m planning out a WPF app, and I need to decide on how to import external data. So, would server-2-server (other Server’s DB), WCF, or Web Service be better for a non-Enterprise app and be the fastest way to transfer data? This is for people who actually did a Desktop app, not Web.

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BTW: I got that title quote from a character in Mortal Kombat! :wink:

Are you going to be importing all data over in one go, or slowly imported as needed?

The plan was to build an Stock Investing Paper Trading app. So, at the end of the day, the data would be imported, and consumed/alter by the Desktop App. Putting it your way, it would be all in one go…

If it’s all at once, would it be possible to just get a direct data dump for your application? I think that would be the easiest/quickest. You could then load that into a local server. If the application itself doesn’t need a database server, it could run it temporarily to get the data then turn off the server, or just parse the data dump directly as a text file.

If not, I would have your application communicate directly with the database in order to retrieve that data it needs.

If that isn’t possible, a web service would likely be your best bet. It seems the closer the application retrieving the data is to the server, the better off you are.

Thanks for the advice. Out of your propositions, the data dump from an off-site managed SQL Database would probably be best for this app. Let’s just say, if it was a local DB, I could not guarantee 99.99% uptime. lol. Better to have the experts manage the DB, so I can focus on parcing the data to be used by the Desktop through the data dump.

Once again, thats for helping me out with this. Now, to write the remaining specs!

I would go WCF or some other sort of web service all the way. Better bet to have that layer of indirection in from the get go.

Is it possible to create WPF user controls like normal windows user controls?
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This will get you up to speed:

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And yes, you can create your own controls.