WP - Jobs Board and Recruitment


I am looking for opinions as to what are the best Wordpress plugins for:

A: Shopping Cart
B: Jobs Board.

Thank you

Shopping cart rundown here:
There are different categories and hard to know what will suit your needs. I’ve used Woocommerce which is free and pretty recent. My hand was forced due to the lack of supported shipping options for NZ.

Thanks for this link. I have also been looking at http://www.phpurchase.com/.

Do you know if this one is good too?

Yea Cart66 has been one of the big players for a while. If you look at that link I gave you’ll see that the cart software falls into some general categories. Some of the cart solutions are total overkill for small set ups. For other situations you may have a very specific set of requirements. I live in NZ and many of the cart shipping solutions are all US-based, I needed a system where I could easily handle shipping from NZ and within NZ and after looking seriously at a lot of the carts most were deficient in this category and ruled themselves out from being able to be used “off-the-shelf”.

I’d spend some time looking at the feature lists, thinking through your anticipated typical users purchase (from start to finish/delivery), and make sure there aren’t any incompatibilities. They can be lengthy to set up if you have multiple products/categories and you don’t want to invest time only to find it was wasted and need to start again.

Thank you very much for this valuable information