WP hover effect

I have two columns with text inside.
Currently, text is black and background white.
I want to achieve that when I hover over it - Change both text and background color (text to white, and background to blue).

How to do that?


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With CSS, but without seeing your HTML we can’t properly advise.

It’s a Wordpress site, I’m building everything with Elementor.
I can’t see HTML or CSS…

If you go into Elementor and click on the button you’re wanting to edit. In the edit window, you’ll see something like this under the styles section for that button. Click on the image to show the whole thing.


The normal is what you use for the way it’ll look without the hover and the hover of course… Elementor has a lot of this type of edits.

Oh, and if you’re wanting to add custom CSS you can do so by going here:

You can find a lot of video tutorials for Elementor at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt9kG_EDX8zwGSC1-ycJJVA

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