Wp email guard plugin help

i’m using the wp email guard plugin to obfuscate the email from spammers on [URL=“http://www.goldcoastchamber.com/member-directory/office-products/”]this page.

here’s what the code looks like in the HTML editor:

547 River Rd.
Edgewater, NJ 07020
Benito Rivera, Account Manager
Cell: 201-923- 2033
Tel: 201-945- 0955
Fax: 201-945-0717
<a href="http://www.staples.com/copyandprint" target="blank">www.staples.com/copyandprint</a>

but since there is a “.” in between the first two names of the e-mail, when you look at the remote page, you see that the linkage of the e-mail only covers “rivera@staples.com”.

how do i code this so that the whole e-mail is a link, or the whole e-mail is NOT a link. I just want it to be consistent so it doesnt get cutoff.

please advise. thanks in advance!

Use mailto:

<a href="mailto:benito.rivera@staples.com">benito.rivera@staples.com</a>

got it. thanks.

That did not work for me. Same result as before. Using 0.3 version. Period’s break it into two different e-mail links, neither of which would send properly to the correct address.

The plugin’s last update was a few years ago. It’s based on the premise that bots don’t do javascript and real humans do, is that entirely true?

If you really want to go this route though you could: Find another plugin. Hack this one.

After a quick look the problem looks to be the regex pattern used - i.e. (\w+)@(\w+)\.(\w+)
periods are not a “word character”.