Wp cms help

Hai folks,

I Have setuped a property search cms ( theme + cms) for one of my client.
but he wanted me to include more options in the default search form that does not natively supported by the theme. there for i think i might require to edit the theme cms codes which i have no idea where to start.

say for example :
current theme search form has all the US States in the list box.
now my client want when selected a state for search, all major cities should be shown in a adjacent list box.

what do you recomend me? spend time to study wp internals or start a fresh website development without using any cms? :rolleyes:

Perhaps check out the listings theme from Woothemes, although you probably don’t want to have to set up the entire site again.

I do NOT know if this can help you, but take a look: WordPress › Taxonomy Drill-Down « WordPress Plugins

This may also help: WordPress › Faceted Search « WordPress Plugins

Do a search for how to do a dynamic dropdown. This uses Javascript, so don’t google wordpress dynamic drop down. Once you get the city drop down working in plain html, you will need to set the value to a variable. Add that var to the search query, which I assume might be custom.