/wp-admin/install.php All over my site!

I did a boo boo on my WordPress website and I am wondering is anybody can help.

Basically I kind of deleted the wp-config file from the server and went to create another one on the LIVE website, causing some kind of error. Now that the site has been restored the wp-config file messed up my site. It somewhat redirects every link to /wp-admin/install.php

Have a read of the following post, this is usually caused by a crashed table in your database.

I repaired all the tables and it still did not fix the issue. I am thinking maybe WP creates something in the installation process which caused this. If I delete what is created this might fix the issue. The host is looking into this but they offer a restoration which still did not fix the issue. :frowning:

Oh man, I have still not managed to fix this even after a restoration. I am completely puzzled to what’s going on! :frowning:

Backup your theme and any data. Then delete WordPress and reinstall it with a fresh database.

Is your database still intact? Meaning, has it been wiped clean? Restoring Wordpress should be quite simple, as long as the database is still there.

Do you know the database details? Such as database name, username/password attached to database? If so, provide that information and I can write up a wp-config file for you to upload.

Thanks and best of luck!

@TheRaptor; @mike_fro;

I have the details of the database, the FTP details and the login. Just wondering, in order to do this I would need to restore the database, the theme files. What about the plug-ins, do I ignore these? And re-install them manually separate. I’ve never really done this before. How long would this normally take.

I have backups and so do my host, and they’ve already retrieved two of them. I think this is a plug-in related issue. Let me know on your thoughts. What’s the normal complete procedure?

Was your database ever deleted? If not, just download a fresh copy of Wordpress, open up the wp-config-sample.php file and replace with the correct database information (the one that has your data) then save as wp-config.php, upload to your root directory (or wherever it was before) and you should be good. I wouldn’t upload your plugins/themes quite yet, to avoid any issues.

Let me know if this helps, I can explain further if needed.


I am in the process of reviving the site. I basically put a fresh install on. I have all the associated files. One big mistake I made previously is with one of the security modules. It somehow managed to rename all my tables to ‘a0384_’ instead of the ‘wp_’, which sucks! I am unsure what to apart from rename all my tables. It’s important that I import my database as the site had quite a few pages.

In terms of the plug-ins and tables, when you import a database with it’s tables, do the tables associated with the plug-in automatically detect, if that made sense.

PS: I have backups of the entire site, theme, and DB

It’s unfortunate that it caused you problems. But using non-default database prefixes (and non default content and plugin folder locations etc.) is a good idea for added security.


I completely agree, I managed to resolve much of the site. Hopefully by the end of today I will have it in complete working order.

I thought the only way to have non-standard database prefixes was at the very beginning? Am I right to assume this. The plug-in changes all the pre-fixes after which ended up causing all kinds of issues. I think W3TC did something as well. Plug-ins are amazing, but I feel some don’t work well together.