Wowslider transition error - works but transition view is odd

I recently purchased Wowslider and I love it, except for one thing. I have used a few of the transition in a project I’m working on in Typepad. Everything seems fine but with some of the transitions, it seems to stretch or move the image during the actual transition.

It’s strange as in the preview (the raw html file produced from Wowslider) it’s all fine.

Here is the URL

The current transition used is ‘blur’. It also goes wrong with ‘fade’. Other transitions (in fact those based on a horizontal transition) seem fine.

I feel like there may be some CSS on vertical scaling or something somewhere that just needs a tweak to make it look better. Can anyone help me please?



I think its the margins you have on the image making the transition 10px out when created with the canvas element which is absolutely at the top of the page and 10px further from the image.

try this:

.ws_images img {margin:0;}
.ws_images {border-radius:10px;}

Wow! That’s awesome! Thank you so much! Works perfectly now.

I did actually get a response from Wowslider but they weren’t so generous as to provide me with any code to fix it.

I’m a real novice with CSS so really appreciate the help. Thanks Paul. :slight_smile: