Wow. what a hot topic

I took a couple of years off web dev to pursue photography. I’m surprised to come back and find that XML is all but abandoned.

Virtually no support for XSLT v2.
PHP support is still really lame.
Microsft ignored XSLT2
You basically have to convert to Java and use Saxon.


I see no logical reason for this. The paradigm for XML as a general abstraction layer is still useful in today’s context - in ANY context.

Oh well. My web dev cohorts disagree (I assume).

JSON seems to have taken over.

Ah yes. That is has.

I’ll be using both JSON and XML/XSLT

I’d actually argue XML has become so ubequetious it is not a hot topic. You definitely see alot of JSON these days but there is at least that much if not more XML running around. There are things one can do with XML (schemas principally) and XML parsers are much more mature so you see them on more platforms. For example, there is no native JSON support in iOS at this time.

XSLT is horrible though, good riddance.

What about SOAP, REST, XML-RPC. and XHR, seems they’re still common enough. And I use XPATH with (X)HTML quite a bit.