WOW Slider Transition Jumping

I downloaded the WOWSlider app, and input the code on my website. It looks beautiful, acts beautiful, except that when transitioning to the next page the image does a weird jump. I’ve done lots of research to see if it was a simple fix, but it seems to be special to each persons case. I’m super stumped… any suggestions?
The website is:

“Transitioning to the next page” is a bit vague for me. What do you mean? I don’t see any jumping in Chrome (Mac) when I click around the place.

The page is jumping up and down. It’s almost as if heights are being changed when it’s sliding. Are all the images the same height? Shot in the dark. My computer can’t test at the moment.

There is an empty p tag just after the opening #wowslider-container1 div. Delete the source of p tag and the problem should go away.

Oh thank goodness! Thank you so much! That worked perfect! Such a simple fix.

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