WOW.js set data-wow-delay programmatically

Up till recently, for animated content in a website I always used waypoints.js in combination with animate.css. However, some people suggested me to have a look at WOW.js. Apparently a library with the same features, but way lighter. So I decided to have a look at it. Right now I am playing around with it a bit but I can’t find any documentation on how to set the data-wow-delay programmatically (Javacript). A feature that would be very handy

For example: For a featured section with 3 or 4 boxes it would be no problem to add the data-wow-delay manually or, in case of dynamic content from the database, to add an extra field to the table declaring the different delays i.e.

  • 0.5s
  • 1.0s
  • 1.5s

Bur for a photo gallery with an unknown number of images this is undo-able. Does anybody know how to accomplish this or where I can find proper documentation on how to handle this.*

The question remains if setting the value after initialisation has an effect (consult the wow docs for that)

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