Would you use this web app?

I’m interested in whether people would use a web app that gave available website domain suggestions from real people for a fee. I’d like to gather feedback as to whether this is useful before actually building it.
It would work by specifying what your website/business/startup/webapp is in a short description and listing some keywords or domains you like, as well as what domain extensions you will accept. You then receive only available domain suggestions from people.

The idea is that coming up with a website name is difficult for many people, primarily because the domain is not available for every good name you think of. For this service you would pay a small fee and receive a list of domains, all of which are available, so you just have to choose which you like the best.

Would you use this? What would it be worth to you if you could get 100 or 200 available domain suggestions? Do you have any other feedback?

Thanks very much for any input or advice.

TBH, I’d rather do it myself, but I’m good with words. People sometimes post here asking for suggestions like this. Whether or not they would pay for them is another question.

The idea isn’t bad, I’m not sure if it exists allready though.

Would these domain lists be automatically generated based on the provided keywords? Or do you actually plan to sit and come up with relevant domain names? If they’re auto-generated, then it won’t be much differnet from the domain providers lists whenever you search for a keyword (e.g. keywordonline.com, keyword.now, keyword123.com and so on)

They would be suggestions from real people.

That does give the app potential I suppose. If it was cheap I might give it a go :o The idea being that the domain-list that is chosen grants the profit to the writer of that list, so people are forced to produce a bit of quality and not just random names?

[FONT=verdana]I think I might use it, and I might be willing to pay a small fee.

But, Dissident, you have to ask yourself how profitable it would be. You say your idea is to use real people to come up with the names. That would be a very labour-intensive operation, especially as you will have to factor in the time it takes to check whether the names are available. In fact, you’d also have to check whether the name is registered but available for sale, as opposed to being in use by another site. Plus, to do a really good job, your client might want you to check for clashes with existing trademarks or other intellectual property.

Still, if you think you can cover your labour costs, it might be worth considering it.


I believe I’ve already seen such functionality somewhere, but I can’t recall where exactly. The idea is good, but i’m not sure if the names suggested by users will actually be better then just generated by some algorithms.

I’d think that if the domain generation process can’t be algorithmically automated, then this would put the economic feasibility of the project in doubt - there would be a conflict between getting people with the required excellent command of words and phrases in the english language, and the necessary low cost.

I haven’t used it but it sounds good.One can pay small fee if he will get number available domain suggestions.But the options should be relevant to our business.

It sounds like a useful app, but my concern would be that of Mikl’s; the time and overhead to have people search for available domains, how long would it take to return a list of that size to the subscriber, and the amount that people would actually be willing to pay for the service.

Thanks very much, valid points raised by all. While I had a plan to adequately get the suggestions with little cost, it seems the real issues here are that 1. It’s not solving a particularly bad pain point, 2. People would not be willing to pay much for it. So that’s exactly what I was trying to work out, and so I won’t bother going ahead with it.