Would you use a website that can notify you when streaming is available?

I would like to ask an honest question here.
What do you guys think about the idea of having a web service that will look through all (legal) streaming services and notify you when movies and shows you want are available for streaming?
I see a good need for that kind of service (personally), and would like to ask you guys, am I alone who is straggling with this?
I’m in the process of building a site that does that and need some feedback.
Maybe we can get a discussion going here on this topic.


what legal streaming services?

I’m talking about scraping streaming services like Netflix, youtube, amazon, crackle, vudu, hulu, and others if I can.

good luck with the legalities :slight_smile:

The idea is to look through all the streaming services using their api and notify you when it’s up on instant.

My opinion: It looks like you want to make a website where a visitor clicks from your site to another site. Seems to me that a Google or Yahoo search would do the same thing and you would have a very difficult time acquiring a notable position in either of the major search engines. For instance, if I wanted to know if the movie Inception was legally available, I would simply put that into a search, which would probably direct me to heavy hitters such as Netflix, Amazon.com, iMDB, and the movie’s page or I would just go ahead and check Netflix without a search. In other words, your competition would be formidable.

Thank you for taking your time and responding to this thread. I think I need to describe the idea and direction a little more.
The most important features, at this point, would be notifications and instant queue or wishlish management. You will have one place where you not only can check if the content is available for streaming, but also put it on your wishlist and have the program do all the management and tracking for you. Through available api we can talk back to the streaming content providers and manage user queues or wishlists as they change them on the site. This way me, as a user, have one place where I can track, add, remove, schedule all my streaming content. Also there are some other ideas that we could implement in terms of shearing your queues and more.
Let me know if it’s clear and make sanse from the user perspective.

I just discovered clicker.com. Seems like they provide similar service to what I want to do. Did you guys hear about it, or used it? Based on what I’m seeing they don’t do all things well and don’t have the features that I’m talking about.
Any thoughts?

I guess it’ll be useful when a user uses multiple streaming site. For me, I only use Youtube…so it’s no point of using it. My answer is no.

Shouldn’t be that hard – both youtube and netflix expose public APIs last time I checked. Not sure what the terms of service are but they seem to want you to use the data.

that’s certainly different from what i thought he meant by “scraping”