Would you suggest this promotion technique to your client?


I built a site for a client of mine a few years ago. Now she has been stepping up her promotion. Somehow she found someone offering a backlink service. Here’s a description of their service:

The manual backlink service is for 2,200 backlinks. I develop 5 titles and descriptions for your website rich with your relevant keywords and then submit them to business directories under the travel section. The one way backlinks give you a huge boost in Google and is 100% whitehat.

Is there anything that my client should be concerned about if she decided to use this service?

To me, it sounds a spammy and I worry that it could potentially backfire on my client, getting her banned or demoted in the SE’s.

I’d love to get some opinions on what to advice my client to do.


Stay far away from it.

Any particular reason which I can pass on to my client?

It sounds like this guy has been doing this for a few years and claims he gets good results…

Anything that can be done programatically to manipulate a search engine’s ranking algorithm will be a target for their web-spam focus.

It’s not the quantity of the links - it’s the quality. Directory submission is one of the last steps it marketing/promotion of a site - not a quick-win early one.

1 good contextual link (where the link is well worded and included in supporting paragraph/text) is worth as much as 2200 directory links.

Don’t fall into the spam hole, folk…

Personally, I would relay to your client new methods to promote her site, build backlinks, etc. by involving her in a simple daily promotion task list. It is obvious that this “backlink service” is a hoax, your client will benefit so much more and achieve richer results in the long run by being hands on.

Thanks. I will pass on to my client that this probably isn’t the best promotional method to use.

Quality of links matters. totally.

I wouldnt recommend.

when you see numbers, big numbers, it seems like it’s good to try but then out of those thousands of links mentioned… how many would still be up in the long run?..

That really an absolute spam methods.

That’s what I was thinking…

Iv found directory links to be next to useless in the search engines really to be honest. Much better to build a few good links rather than thousands of directory links.

Typical. People spouting off on things they know nothing about, espeically clueless noobs on message boards.

this seem to be a new offer promotioni

Uhhh, where does it say that?

Do you people post crap, just to post?

Eric, many such services are legit.

They have a long list of Webmasters, with GOOD sites, in their directories (or otherwise known as database files) who either would like to exchange links with other Webmasters or they sell space in their sites.

DavesDaily to this day still exchanges links with other Webmasters.

Here’s their link page: http://www.davesdaily.com/coollinks.htm

(Go to this page, and see all the links in it that has helped the Webmaster rank high.

Your friend could do the same thing. Find such a “friends” page in the subject she wants, and contact all those sites.)

Many such high-ranking sites are listed in directories with legit services.

That’s not to say that this service you posted on is legit.

What is the name of this service?

Give her this information, and let HER decide.

I appreciate your dissenting opinion. Unfortunately I do not know the company’s name that she is dealing with. I did let her make her own decision in this matter, but provided my own opinion and also opinions provided here to help her reach a decision.