Would you be hurt?

Hypothetically speaking, say you created a website for a person. After it’s up and running you find out that she is using another designer to make updates to the website you created. This other person is probably a better designer than you because of the experience. Would that really bother you?n I think this is happening to me and it’s bothering the hell out of me.

Just found out it’s a flyer the other designer was working on and NOT a page to the website. We shall find out tomorrow.

Maybe at first I would be hurt but its purely business and nothing personal. So I look on the positive side of everything.

You know what? Yeah, I’d be hurt.
Regardless of whether it was business or not, it’s human nature to feel hurt.
Just don’t let it get you down. That kinda thing happens far too often to sweat it.

On a personal note, that would’ve hurt me too. Especially if I only did that for a favor and not just for business. If you put a lot of effort into it because you liked what you’re doing and not just for the money, that may be taken personally. Try contacting her and find out why she needed to find another designer, if you can do it your self. or try to find out if YOU really CAN do it your self. If not, take it as a challenge and move on. :slight_smile:

[FONT=“Georgia”]Happened to me before.

Best you can do if it does happen is be a professional. Hand over whatever designs they paid for, shake hands and walk off.


I wouldn’t. It has happened to me before and I wasn’t offended at all, I didn’t even give it such a thought. They can do whatever they feel works for them best. I would do the same.

Thanks for the responses.
I got good news. My client was NOT going to have some other designer upgrade the website. I am doing it. :slight_smile: She was merely doing a print flyer.

This has happened to me too - except they claimed my design of the website as their own creation on their own website when in fact they were just updating/maintaining the website! :injured:

I think it’s difficult to remain unaffected by the actions of your clients - I take things personally almost in everything I do, including my web design business! I mean if I designed a flyer/website for someone and they liked it but went off and got someone else to do one for them aswell and in the end chose the other person - that would bug the hell out of me - either they work with me or they don’t - perhaps I’m too extreme :lol: :rolleyes:

But I can understand how you are put out by it, I would be the same - I think I would offer to update the site for free especially if it was part of my business portfolio. I wouldn’t want someone’s dodgy updates to reflect bad on my work!

I agree, you take everything too personally Another Designer. When you complete the project and your end of the contract, what makes you think the client should be tied into working with you on upgrades. You should be looking forward to the next project, not looking back at what you might have missed out on, there’s plenty more fish in the sea. If you’re that bothered, send her an email asking for honest, constructive feedback (not mentioning you know about the other designer), and note that if she needs anything done in the future, feel free to contact you. Don’t draw attention to it, just make it subtle and you’ll have something to work from. :slight_smile:

So… you feel like your client is cheating on you with another designer? I wouldn’t let it get you down, it’s just business, use it as a positive. Look at the new designers work and see what they are providing the client that you failed to do. Then make yourself better and more marketable than the other designer.

Also, a friendly call to the client asking if there’s anything you can do for them or just to say hi may help. How often do you speak with this client? I find that most client relationships break down due to mis-understandings and mis-communication.

Why do you take everything so personally? It’s called business, your client is free to try out other designers in the same way as you are free to find other clients. If it bothers you that much, why not ask your client why she chose to do what she has done? Personally I would just take it in my stride, stay friendly and wait for the next opportunity.