Would you a buy a tool that gives you a list with all the functionalities of a project?

I am working on a project that will help you develop your project in the first stages.
How it works: you open the tool → put the name of your project that you are starting → the tool gives automatically a list of functionalities that you can add to your project. Would you buy it?

Wrong topic. You should post this under marketing.

But anyways: What specific pain points are you solving?
Who is your audience? developers?
Analyze your audience - what do they struggle most with? Don’t you think it is more a problem of people implementing the functionality rather than coming up with functionality ideas?

No, please don’t. The Marketing category here is for discussing issues related to marketing, not for promoting products/services.

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i’m not trying to promote, just trying to understand if the tool could be used by developers or not. as you can see, i didn’t give you a name or a website.

this question is for developers, and i am not trying to promote the tool, just to figure out if someone will use it or not.

the points tool basically codes the features you want to introduce on you web app. it’s not about struggling, it’s about coding faster.

Business? :slight_smile:

Seriously @ancaz, answer the questions I gave you and try to reflect on them. Try to figure out your audience first and try to understand what they really need, want and buy.

There are a dozen code generators out there and yours has to stand out to gain traction.
Take a look at https://uizard.io/ or https://www.appypie.com/

So again: What problems does your product solve, that these products do not solve?

My take is the tool resembles either scaffolding or an IDE.

AFAIK, many, if not most IDEs have prompts and code completion and a lot of other features, with plugins - or even out of the box.

The “enter a project name” is either ambitious or misleading.

Any project I have seen involves a language. Ruby, Java, Perl, Go, PHP, JavaScript, etc. etc. Each language varies from another and I think any list for any of them could be very resource intensive.

With license, given that the tool will be limited to a single language, and given that upon entry of a project name some “magic” will happen :weee: I am assuming that to some extent for every “good thing” there will still need to be some amount of convention / configuration.

Personally, I rely heavily on my limited experience and spend a lot of time thinking and planning before I write even a first line of code. I almost always prefer doing many things “my way” without constraint.

That said, for repetitive tasks or among a team that has a “standard” there may be some interest. AFAIK, there are IDEs that can satisfy common needs. I fear you risk having a lot of “competition”, becoming “yet another”, or being relatively undiscovered unless you provide something that doesn’t already exist or significantly improve something that does.

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There is no such thing as market saturation, when every new tool is causing another set of problems :wink: See Wordpress, which became a huge market for fixing or abusing the tool to do things it were not intended for.

I’d think about the tool you proposed more as a click-together tool, and if you would know developers well enough, you’d know they are mostly console/terminal dwellers. But depends on your specific audience.

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