Would this be a Bridge Page?

I was asked to create a website which is full of information about a city and then in the “buy a home” part of it to link to a real estate agents “home search page” and “home page”… it was suppose to be a 1 page site but now that i think of it could this be considered a bridge page? And if it is, what do I have to do so its no longer considered a bridge page?

any1 have any idea on this?

I was creating the website so more people would be directed to the agents website… so it has pretty much all outgoing links pointed to the agents website. but at the same time it is an informational site and since i foudn out that bridge sites are frowned upon im not sure if this would be a bridge or not… i mean the purpose is to get more people to the agents website but i took time to gather tons of accurate info… graphs and pie charts and tons of unique info… so im not sure if this would be considered a bridge.

Why not just add a link to the estate agents site on the most relevent page?