Would it look good if my first few web projects were for charity


I graduated from university in july 2011 and since I have not had a job, partly as I wanted it that way. I have however been learning and building up my portfolio (as we do).

now at the moment I have three projects on my portfolio, and I am in the process of creating a cool portfolio websites - realistically I am proud of the three examples of work and the portfolio. I am also in the process of gathering some (backup) material and soon going to start blogging (tutorial type). So I am kind of on top of it all.

The thing that I am not proud of is this idea that I did not work since graduation (or is it so bad?). Now in order to (kind of) compensate that and most importantly that one day I want to volunteer (it is in my “one day” to-do list) would it be a good idea to volunteer on building few websites for charitie before heading for payed work?

So basically would employers mind that my first jobs are for charity

Thank you very much

No, they shouldn’t mind at all assuming you could prove you knew how to conduct the project correctly, etc. A client is a client regardless and so long as the outcome was good all you would be lacking is some commercial web business experience. Other than that so long as the client wasn’t one of your best friends or family member it would hold more water.