Would it be possible to make the Discourse navigation available in individual threads?

Whilst I rather like the way Discourse looks, there one small weakness for me, and that’s that the navigation doesn’t appear within individual threads themselves. I tend to view what’s happening in the ‘Latest’ view, but getting back to that view after reading an thread requires a couple of clicks via the Sitepoint logo. It would be helpful if the navigation strip, or a subset of it, was available in the threads themselves (see highlighted section below).

Is this something that could be introduced without causing too much of a problem?

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Instead of using the SitePoint Logo, which causes a page refresh, then another click for latest, with yet another page refresh…

Try selecting the top right hamburger, thee parallel lines icon and then select Latest.

Only a single page refresh.

I’d not noticed the ‘Latest’ option in the drop-down. It’s an improvement on what I’ve been doing, I’d still quite like the nav option to be right there though, but that’s just me…

Yes, I agree that it’s a design fault of Discourse. I think they are pretty set in their ways on that, though.

Another option would be to use the keyboard shortcuts.

g,l will take you to the “latest” topics from anywhere on the site.

? opens the full list of shortcuts, or there’s a link to them from the “hamburger” menu.


The keyboard shortcuts are pretty cool, except that I’ve got a bad memory for most of them. So as an alternative, I’ve made browser toolbar bookmarks out of the pages I visit most often.

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