Would appreciate any site revamp ideas

I have a website basically dedicated to Imagemagick and Imagick: http://www.rubblewebs.co.uk/imagemagick/index.php

I have been through a couple of similar designs but I just can not think of a good one which makes a lot of my information is hard to find. As you can see there is a lot of information in different sections which for a start makes the navigation quite complicated.

The imagemagick operators section seems to work OK with the index of operators and then the paging but the main Imagemagick index is not so good.

I am not to keen on just having a search as I find that frustrating on other sites as you sometimes can not get the correct text to search for.

I am wondering if I should split the site up into subdomains e.g. imagemagick.rubblewebs.co.uk batch.rubblewebs.co.uk etc.
Thinking about it as I write I could have the main index page with the links to say Imagemagick and within this section just have the relevant imagemagick links. Then another section for Imagick with again just the Imagick links. I am thinking this may be the way to go and any opinions or ideas would be gratefully received.

I have been trying to keep the link depth small but I suppose when the user is in the section they are interested in it will only be a couple of links to the data they want.

Have you considered a Wiki type of web page where groups expand and collapse to show the selected items?

I have thought about it but the pages could be very long.

I am now thinking the best way is to have the main index page with links to different sections and then the navigation bar in each section would only be for that section plus one back to the main page.

I think that could work. But you may still want to have a “sitemap” page with all the page links on it.

A good point @Mittineague

I have taken the liberty to nick your source code and accordionise (spelling) divs to display the page.

All divs source is included using: <?php include ‘incs/_accordions-001-008.php’; ?>

Source code is at the bottom of the page.


An interesting idea @John_Betong that I had not thought of. I am currently working on a new responsive template and will look to using it.

Hi Rubble,

Just a small suggestion, but on your Imagemagik Operators page, what about grouping the operators alphabetically so that users can easily find the entry on the operator they are interested in?

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Good point; they are in alphabetical order but there is no need for the page numbers and it would probably look neater in lists/groups.

I am trying to make my site responsive and one of the parts I am changing is to have the operators displayed in two columns as opposed to one. The current one column is a bit wasteful of space but I am not sure if two columns will look to cramped but we shall see - when the display gets smaller it will change back to one column.

The current problem with the two columns is getting all the code to display nicely and if one “box” has more content than its neighbour it breaks the layout. This is where the one column came into is own.

I would like to mention that if your current website was not mobile responsive then you can now make it responsive. It is regarding Google’s new mobile algorithm update.

Thanks for the comment @GreenLionNet I am currently working on that at the same time.

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