Worried about screen size and bg image

I just looked at one site on my desktop cmptr which is set for 1600 x 768 and the bg image does not go all the way across. bg image is 1280 and shows up short but stats on users have:

so I am OK for 80% of users.

I changed the size to 1600 width and seems alright now; so that is the right solution ?

Certainly if that works for you, that’s what I would suggest. On smaller screens, of course, some of the image will be cut off. If that’s a problem, you could make the image smaller and choose a background color for the body that the image merges into.

(I’m presuming the bg image is a picture of some sort. If it were just a colored background or gradient, it would be better to make a small slice of it and let it repeat across the screen.)

The few times I’ve used a graphical background image (i.e. a photo or artwork, not a gradient), I’ve just used a fixed-width design and said the hell with the whole issue. :smiley: Of course, there’s no challenge to that…

One thing to be careful about is that you aren’t increasing the file size too much. A large image can increase the download time, and cause a noticeable lag in rendering, even with broadband.

If users have very wide screens, do you want the page to fill them? A good alternative is to set a max-width of maybe about 1200px, which will mean that (a) you don’t need to worry about making a background image larger than that, and (b) you can ensure that the design doesn’t become too stretched with very long lines if people have higher screen resolutions.