Working with .vm files and where to make changes

As a matter of introduction: I am a novice at web authoring. I know some stuff, and am constantly learning.

Having said that, I have inherited a website that seems to be created with fancy authoring and scripting languages. There are no .html files; everything is a .vm file. I can open these and poke around a bit, but they are clearly created in a different manner than I know. The directory structure of the site is different than what I am accustomed to as well.

I need to edit a few items on a page:

…and I cannot find any file that contains this information! I tried a search with no result. I have manually opened every file that looks even remotely promising, with no luck. Please somebody help!

thanks in advance!

There is obviously either an html file (if I wget that url you posted, I get text in HTML fine) or some back-end program is creating the page.

Searching for .vm found three potential users of this file type (and they’re all different): Something called “Geoworks” virtual memory file, a Content Management System filetype from Sakai, and something from Samsung phones (unlikely to be your filetype).

Was this site perhaps made in a CMS called “Sakai”?