Working with SSH and PHP Development

I have been a PHP developer for over a decade. At my most recent jobs, I have had to use SSH a lot more. Before, I really didn’t have to do anything in SSH, because I could use phpMyAdmin or Navicat, or I could get away with using WinSCP.

Now it seems like I really have to get more familiar with the SSH interface. I have a linux virtual server setup on my computer running UBuntu, and that has helped the process.

A question I have is whether it is common for a PHP Developer to have to use SSH at most companies? I have to use it for SVN, MySQL and some times I need to edit files through SSH.

Are there any books and/or resources you would recommend for an SSH noob?

I can’t imagine my job without SSH.
Say, I want to install Wordpress.
just two simple commands, wget and unzip, and i have all files in place. While uploading file-by-file via ftp/scp is pain in the bottom.
Or setting up cron jobs. Or server restarting. Or watching errors runtime, using tail command. And many more.

Are there any books and/or resources you would recommend for an SSH noob?

There are none.
SSH window shows you just your OS console called “shell”. So, you need not SSH book but some unix book to get familiar with it, working with shell part.

There’s always SSH, The Secure Shell: The Definitive Guide from O’Reilly.

Well corrected answer: there are but actually you need another book :slight_smile:

SSH has nothing to do with PHP. But if you are running remote server SSH is a must.


I am beginning to learn the benefits of knowing how to work with the Unix command line. It was just that the environment that I did most of my PHP in, the command line was used by server administrators and the programmers were kept separate from it.