Working with an unresponsive web developer

Hi all,

I’m not sure if this is the right category/forum, so apologies if it’s not! My company launched a new website in January with a web dev company we haven’t worked with before. They have not delivered on everything that was promised and bug fixes have been very SLOW! We are moving into a maintenance phase soon, but we do not feel that this company has our best interests in mind. Before we look for a new web dev…

  1. As the client, should we have full access to the website? i.e. we currently cannot install plugins which I assume is because it’s part of a Wordpress multi-site.

  2. There are issues with components that are not editable in Wordpress. Small typographical errors that seem like they could easily be fixed. Again, as the website owner, what should I be asking for in order to have full access to the website code?

I just want to make sure we have everything we should before cutting ties with them.

Thanks in advance for any insights!

Yikes, I feel your pain.

  1. It depends on what your contract with the developer says. If your contract doesn’t say, then you’re in the same place as any other two people who may disagree on “what we agreed”, and you are left hoping each of you is reasonable about the solution.
  2. You’d like the FTP account and password to the server, and if you are also going to manage the hosting you want the account and password for the hosting service. Again though, there is the question of what the contract says.

Best of luck!

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