Working on an wordpress theme, need guide

Hey guys,
im new in web developing, and i have a question about working on a theme for a website.
is there any way for working on a theme offline like Wamp and upload the final theme (i mean after editing, translating, map configuration and…) on a host without take the old website down even for an hour?

Yes there are several options, developing a new theme using a local WP site for testing. I assume you already know how to create a WP theme.

The local site could be a copy of the live site to make sure it works as intended. Then import the new theme to the live site and use it, the switch can be reversed if there is any problem.

Please read this post too:

Yeah, you can setup the localhost through Xampp, I am using Xampp because it is better then Wamp, at least for me, easy to configure in Windows machine. When site ready, just upload the final version to the server.

Come to think of you told you were new in developing. In my earlier post I should have linked to some general theme info too, though you probably already knew.

The Wordpress Theme handbook:

How to create a Wordpress theme from an already designed site:

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Simply use XAMPP, It provides the necessary environment needed to run WordPress on a local machine.

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yep, something like Wamp or Xamp will act as a server installed locally on your computer, these tools come bundled with server technologies such as PHP, MYSQL and Apache, all the ingredients for your very own web server environment… best of luck with your developing… :slight_smile:

Let me share what I do. It’s not offline though.

I start creating the new site on a subdomain (keeping the no-index in google checked) and when I complete the website, I install backupbuddy or any other free backup plugin available.

After that, I install wordpress on the main domain and upload the backup over there. Always went smooth for me.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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